About the Artist

Charles Swenson was born and raised in Los Angeles, attending both the Art Center and the Chouinard Art Institute where he graduated with honors. He has been making art and animation all his life.
For additional information and selected works, please visit: charlesgswenson.com

An Overview of Cirque Vigazz!

Mutants, aliens and genetically engineered people are commonplace, the family unit has been outlawed and the circus has reverted to something like its earliest Roman incarnation: heart-stopping, dangerous entertainment. Going against this lock-step tide, the Cirque Vigazz! celebrates the strength of the individual, no matter how flawed, while reveling in the true and over-riding fact of our common need to be part of a some sort of group, family or otherwise, no matter how strange.
Welcome to Cirque Vigazz!

Painting of Camillia on canvas

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